The Book


People often ask me who The Book is, or what it is, or which book or project of mine it represents.

With respect, that is not exactly the right question.

The Book is an approximation of the various neuroses, obsessions, ideas, rantings and hobby horses that I find myself entertaining when gazing out of the window, sitting in meetings, answering emails or generally wasting time worrying about the creative work I know I should be getting round to quite soon.

Sometimes The Book is me speaking. Sometimes it is someone I have met, a poet, perhaps, or other creative person or object or experience whose ideas or work has inspired or provoked me in some way.

Sometimes The Book is none of these things. Sometimes it is a fiction, made up, on a whim, out of the unconscious music that is above and below the earth and which locks us all in its tender embrace. Or not.

One thing I do know: just when I think I am done with The Book, it sneaks up on me and begins yattering in my ear again.

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