A quote in old fashioned typewriter font by Joseph Heller: 'Every writer I know has trouble writing.'

New Poems

On Twitter is published at Ink Sweat & Tears

Hymn of Rain is published at Ink Sweat & Tears

The Gift of Tongues and Against Wow Words are published at Nutshells and Nuggets

Writing Research Across Borders (2014): Poster Sessions is published at Hinterland

Some More Strategies for the End of the World is published at The Stare’s Nest

Sunlight is published at The Stare’s Nest

Blue Morning is published at The Clearing in Four Ways of Looking at the Coast

Suit is published on Simon Parke’s blog

In Late Rainy Season is published at Riptide (Climate Matters)

Lone Wolf is published at The Friday Poem

The White Horse is published at Atrium

Now and Not Yet and Found: Rain are published at London Grip

Like Rain is published at Moist Poetry Journal

Unfinished Business and On the Nature of Daylight are published at Stride

Toast is published at The Interpreter’s House

To My Rain and All is Lost (Spoiler Alert) are published at Anthropocene

Poems from The Afterlife

I published The Afterlife with Worple Press in September 2019.

You can read extracts from The Afterlife here.

You can listen to Poem of Leaves here.

You can listen to Sitting With Your Body here.

You can listen to The Last Time I Saw Mary here.

You can listen to Teaching Writing Theory here.

With thanks to Malcolm Doney and Martin Wroe from the Lifelines project.

Teaching Writing Theory and Poem Beginning With a Line by John Ash are published at And Other Poems

Poem is published at Rebecca Goss’ Heart Poems for Children’s Heart Week

To Spring is published at Sarah James’s blog, as part of With You in Mind, an online anthology of poems in support of Mental Health Awareness Week

Everything I Know of What I Want to Say is published on Simon Parke’s blog

The Future is published at Ink Sweat & Tears (March 2016 Pick of the Month Shortlist)

Slow Weather is published at London Grip

Trying Not to Think of Seamus Heaney is published at Aerodrome

S is published at Antiphon Poetry Issue Twelve

Poem Beginning With a Line by Eve Merriam and In Oregon are published at And Other Poems

The Four of Us is published at London New Grip Poetry

Poems from Riddance

I published Riddance with Worple Press in September 2012.

You can read a selection of poems from Riddance here:



The Clothes I Bought During Cancer


The Other Life

Borderline was published at And Other Poems

Helping My Son With His GCSE Poetry Homework was published at Ink Sweat & Tears

The Other Life is published on Simon Parke’s blog here

Riddance is published on Simon Parke’s blog here

A selection of poems from Riddance  is on the Peony Moon blog, which you can find here

Sonia Caporossi has made an Italian translation of The Clothes I Bought During Cancer, which can be found on the Critica Impura blog here

An excerpt from Prayer has been used as part of the University of Exeter’s Green Futures project. It is part of the Protecting Life on Earth video which you can watch here


My poems have appeared in the following anthologies:

Hard Lines 3: New Poetry and Prose, Faber, 1987, edited by Ian Dury, Tom Paulin and Fanny Dubes

New Christian Poetry, Collins, 1990, edited by Alwyn Marriage

Greek Gifts, Smith/Doorstop, 1992, edited by Duncan Curry and Janet Fisher

Eating Your Cake…and Having It, Fatchance Press, 1997, edited by Ann Gray

The New Exeter Book of Riddles, Enitharmon Press, 1999, edited by Kevin Crossley-Holland and Lawrence Sail

Out of Order: between-age poems, Evans Brothers, 2002, edited by Andrew Fusek-Peters

Contemporary Poetry: Poets and Poetry since 1990, Cambridge University Press, 2009, edited by Ian Brinton

Rhyme and Design, Peninsula Cancer Network, 2010, edited by Harry Guest and Peter and Alice Oswald

Newspaper Taxis: Poetry After The Beatles, Seren, 2013, edited by Phil Bowen, Damian Furniss and David Woolley

Wenlock Poetry Festival 2015, Fair Acre Press, 2015, edited by Nadia Kingsley

Map: Poems After William Smith’s Geological Map of 1815, Worple Press, 2015, edited by Michael McKimm

Hands and Wings: Poems for Freedom from Torture, White Rat Press, 2015, edited by Dorothy McCarthy

The Tree Line, Worple Press, 2017, edited by Michael McKimm

One for the Road, Smith/Doorstop, 2017, edited by Helen Mort and Stuart Maconie

Metamorphic: 21st Century Poets respond to Ovid, Recent Work Press, 2017, edited by Nessa O’Mahony and Paul Munden

Places of Poetry: Mapping the Nation in Verse, Oneworld Publications, 2020, edited by Andrew McRae and Paul Farley

Seeds of Hope: More thoughts and reflections from Amos Trust, Amos Trust, 2020, edited by Harvey Jessop and Chris Rose


  1. These poems are so moving, especially because in 2006 I too was diagnosed with cancer – breast cancer – and in ‘Tumour’ you have captured much of what I felt. I have always struggled to write about my experience of the big C. As a writer it should be a mine of feelings to tap into but instead I concentrate on the impact it had on my mental health. Avoidance perhaps. I am in remission thank God and wish us both continuing good health. Thanks for these. Let me know when the book is out.


    1. Suzie, thank you so much for your honest response to these poems and to my blog. Riddance was indeed a labour of love, not in the painful sense, but in the sense that all poems are difficult to write because you want to be faitfoul to the experience without hitting the reader over the head as it were. I think Yeats called this demonstrating both reality and justice. The book is out very soon indeed, so do keep an eye on the site via twitter for more info. Worple Press are adding a Paypal button to their site so it should be straightforward to get hold of I hope. As ever with thanks, Anthony


    2. Hi Suzie, Riddance is out now, and is available through the website -the big Paypal button on the front page. You might like to know I am reading in Taunton in November (take a look at the events page here). Yours as ever, Anthony


  2. I am very grateful to have found your moving and beautiful website. I stumbled across it in randomly exploring poetry blogs while contemplating starting one of my own, but have stopped here for a long time in a feeling of resonance. Peace and best wishes for 2014 to you.

    Rachel Blum


  3. I just started my blog here and, while stumbling through other blogs on the site, I came across yours. Rarely am I able to compose poetry with such touching words and outstanding beauty, but you can in every poem you post, and they’re outstanding.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I start my day with a live program on France Culture about Joy. I take a photo of two magpies: two for joy I am told. The most beautiful poetic encounter of all is the poem Joy, first page I open of a book given to me yesterday: Gillian Allnutt, indwelling. I then search about her on internet, came across Jean’s page ( I know Jean ) http://jeanatkin.com/2016/01/15/seven-ways-of-reading-gillian-allnutt/. Was delighted she loved Gillian Allnutt’ s work. I then find your blog, and on Valentine’s day I discover we both suffered the same cancer ( three years earlier than you ) and your photo is “Today I choose Joy”! Wow!!! I am spoiled by joy!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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