Guest Blog Posts

One of the privileges of writing this blog is giving others the opportunity to write guest blog posts. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch with me via my contact pages. But please remember, this blog is about directing the light at others, not a vehicle for self-promotion.

Below is a collection of posts written by some of my favourite writers over the last few years:

Hands like these, by Beverley Rycroft

Dear Diary, by Josephine Corcoran

On Literary Envy, by Robin Houghton

Don’t Think About A White Horse, by Kate Bowles

Writing my way through bereavement, by Sue Hepworth

Whose life is it anyway? by John Foggin

Travelling without a visa, by Finuala Dowling

Poetry and Work, by Shawna Lemay

Strong Heart Songs, by Jo Bell

Endings and Legacies, by Naomi Jaffa

Ted Walker – An Appreciation, by Mike Ferguson

David Ferry’s ’Lake Water’, by Martyn Crucefix

A gripping ‘Howdunnit?’, by Simon Parke

Carol Emshwiller’s short stories, by Tania Hershman

A Mentor: Anthony Glavin, by Mark Granier

In praise of Joan Mitchell, by Tamar Yoseloff

On moving on, by Dean Parkin

Away with the Dinosaurs, by Chrissy Williams

Christ the Diet Coke Man – Why I read Aemilia Lanyer, by John Field

Andrew Waterhouse and the seventh syllable, by Helena Nelson

Alice Major, by Katherine Venn

How I put The Art of Falling together, by Kim Moore