‘Did you miss me?’

‘It was only a couple of days.’

‘Yes, but did you miss me?’

‘Barely two days.’

‘Did you?’

‘You know I did.’


‘You know I did.’



‘Swear it.’

‘I swear it.’

‘I mean swear.’

‘You know I can’t do that.’

‘Swear it.’


‘That isn’t swearing.’

‘It’s all you’re getting.’

‘So was it fun?’

‘Was what?’

‘It. Fun?’

‘It was work. You know this.’

‘Yes, but was it fun?’

‘Yes. Ineffable fun. Happy now?’

‘You didn’t write.’

‘It was two days!’

‘Or call.’

‘I did write actually.’

‘When? When did you write?’

‘And I called.’

‘You didn’t. When?’

‘You were out. In a cafe. Before everyone was up. I watched the cyclists and ate porridge.’

‘This he calls fun?’

‘You asked.’

‘And you wrote?’

‘Yes. In my notebook. Nothing special. Except it was. It felt good. Might be something in it.’

‘Can I see?’

‘You know you can’t.’

‘So it was fun and you did miss me?’

‘You know I did.’

‘Do I?’

‘I’m here, aren’t I?’

‘I don’t know, are you?’

‘You know I am.’


‘I thought about you all the time.’

‘I’ve only got your word for it.’

‘You’ve only got my word for anything.’