I wrote a book with my coat


I wrote with the coat of my childhood

and I wrote with the coat of the prophets


In it the coat of my father

and his father swaying in church


My mother spoke French with her mother

and I tried to write with their coats


the words hello and goodnight

their hurt goodbyes at the airport


They were never part of my coat

though owned by my coat as I wrote


I would now like to write my book

with a coat that is not my coat


perhaps the coat of the sea

the coat of a stone or a painting


Goodnight little coat little coats

I am grateful for all you have given me


  1. Did you write this poem? It’s brilliant, I love it.

    ref your latest post, often you tap into exactly how I feel, and that post (the latest one) was a prime example. I thought I had given up commenting on people’s blogs, but not this time!

    Thanks, & best wishes, Caroline

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