Adventures with the book


  1. Beverly Rycroft

    Hello Anthony

    I have been relating all-too-deeply to the saga of you and your book!

    Did you say you wanted the guest blog for April? I could aim to have it in next week, if that’s OK with you.

    It is growing colder here, my book has come out of the closet and I am feeling strangely vulnerable. Perhaps your book should have a word with mine…

    Hope all well your side, that Spring is growing fatter outside your house.



    • Anthony Wilson

      Hi Bev

      I need to get hold of your book! Hats off and congratulations!

      But I also know about the flatness. I hope it passes.

      Oddly freezing here. Some sun a week or two ago, but now just endless grey and wind.

      If you did have the post that would be great; do send it! Plus the biog details you want me to use.

      All best as ever
      Anthony x


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