Adventures with the book


The book is unwell. It sends its best wishes to all readers who have been asking after it. It may be back soon. It is hard to say.

In the meantime, here is a list of my adventures with the book so far:

Hated by the book

Murdering my darling

Visiting hours

Going for coffee

Leaving the house

In the waiting room

Packing to leave

Ordering drinks in Spanish

Lost for words

Peace offering

The Milkmaid

Identical pizza crusts

The lullaby

You could quit

Signs of life

In the bookshop

The damage of haste

The T-shirt idea


The other book

Did you miss me?


There isn’t a plan

Wake up!

Talking about cutting

Under the fingernails

Something’s come up

Being Very Funny on Twitter

Terrible work

Letting go

You will never be ready

What the internet thinks

We’re done

Poets in the audience


The new book

Nothing to say


  1. Hello Anthony

    I have been relating all-too-deeply to the saga of you and your book!

    Did you say you wanted the guest blog for April? I could aim to have it in next week, if that’s OK with you.

    It is growing colder here, my book has come out of the closet and I am feeling strangely vulnerable. Perhaps your book should have a word with mine…

    Hope all well your side, that Spring is growing fatter outside your house.



    1. Hi Bev

      I need to get hold of your book! Hats off and congratulations!

      But I also know about the flatness. I hope it passes.

      Oddly freezing here. Some sun a week or two ago, but now just endless grey and wind.

      If you did have the post that would be great; do send it! Plus the biog details you want me to use.

      All best as ever
      Anthony x


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