The book is fifty blog posts old


  1. tiostib

    As noted earlier, you’ve provided a table of contents for the draft of what I consider to be an interesting story. Perhaps if you’d add 50 poems that complimented the chapters, you’d have a refreshingly unique perspective on howe a writer’s mind works accompanied by a meaningful collage of your poetry. Such an approach might provide an authentic expression of your true writing personality. Have fun!

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  2. evelyneholingue

    Such a cool idea to have a blog post about the blog posts related to the book. I have really enjoyed your series as it resonated with my own writing journey. I love being able to return to these great posts through this one. Anyone who writes can find a piece that will echo, one way or another, with her or his experience. Hope the book is doing well. And the writer too.


  3. Goodall, Olwen

    Happy Birthday book!

    I enjoy reading you [😊]

    Keep on writing.



    Olwen Goodall
    Graduate School of Education
    College of Social Sciences and International Studies
    University of Exeter

    +44 (0) 1392 661000



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