The book is fifty blog posts old


The adventures of the book have now clocked up fifty blog posts.

Here is a list of all of them, beginning with the most recent.


But I’m a poet

What a waste

Addicted to the news

The next book

The ambition thing


Tearing up the book

Buggering about on the internet

‘I’m your new book!’


The return of the book

The parable of the book (free eBook)

Nothing to say

The new book


Poets in the audience

We’re done

What the internet thinks

You will never be ready

Letting go

Terrible work

Being Very Funny on Twitter

Something’s come up

Under the fingernails

Adventures with the book

Talking about cutting

Wake up!

There isn’t a plan


Did you miss me?

The other book


The T-shirt idea

The damage of haste

In the bookshop

Signs of life

You could quit

The lullaby

Identical pizza crusts

The Milkmaid

Peace offering

Lost for words

Ordering drinks in Spanish

Packing to leave

In the waiting room

Leaving the house

Going for coffee

Visiting hours

Murdering my darling

Hated by the book




  1. As noted earlier, you’ve provided a table of contents for the draft of what I consider to be an interesting story. Perhaps if you’d add 50 poems that complimented the chapters, you’d have a refreshingly unique perspective on howe a writer’s mind works accompanied by a meaningful collage of your poetry. Such an approach might provide an authentic expression of your true writing personality. Have fun!

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  2. Such a cool idea to have a blog post about the blog posts related to the book. I have really enjoyed your series as it resonated with my own writing journey. I love being able to return to these great posts through this one. Anyone who writes can find a piece that will echo, one way or another, with her or his experience. Hope the book is doing well. And the writer too.


  3. Happy Birthday book!

    I enjoy reading you [😊]

    Keep on writing.



    Olwen Goodall
    Graduate School of Education
    College of Social Sciences and International Studies
    University of Exeter

    +44 (0) 1392 661000



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