Something’s come up

‘I love this time of year. Easter, the Masters. My birthday.’ ‘Does that mean we can expect the traditional order … More

Under the fingernails

The book is already seated at the desk when I enter my office.┬áPapers and books are strewn over every surface. … More

Adventures with the book

The book is unwell. It sends its best wishes to all readers who have been asking after it. It may … More

Talking about cutting

‘I’m going away for a bit.’ ‘Can I come?’ says the book. ‘I was hoping to leave you at home,’ … More

In the bookshop

I have given myself the afternoon off. I have sat for hours in good faith at my desk, all in … More

The Milkmaid

The book has vanished. I don’t mean left the house, or popped out to see a friend. I mean vanished. … More