The most popular Lifesaving Poems

2013-09-10 09.10.50

I began writing the Lifesaving Poems posts in May, 2011.

Below is a list of the twenty most popular poems I have written about, based on my WordPress statistics.

Mary Oliver, ‘The Journey’

Ted Hughes, ‘Wind’

UA Fanthorpe, ‘Atlas’

Seamus Heaney, ‘Night Drive’

Derek Mahon, ‘Everything is Going to be All Right’

Brendan Kennelly, ‘May the Silence Break’

Tomas Tranströmer, ‘Alone’

John Logan, ‘The Picnic’

Simon Armitage, ‘To His Lost Lover’

Marie Howe, ‘Prayer’

Julia Darling, ‘Chemottherapy’ / Psalm 102

Charles Causley, ‘Who?’

Sylvia Plath, ‘Mushrooms’

Carl Sandburg, ‘Buffalo Dusk’

Galway Kinnell, ‘Saint Francis and the Sow’

Marin Sorescu, ‘With Only One Life’

Carol Ann Duffy, ‘Words, Wide Night’

Billy Collins, ‘Morning’

Rose Cook, ‘Poem for someone who is juggling her life’

Yves Bonnefoy, ‘Let a Place be Made’


  1. I always read your blog, but this one took me hours, days even. I looked up each reference even of the poems I knew, to see what you had to say. And I could address each one (is it possible to see those BBC2 poetry readings – Simon Armitage?), but the one about Billy Collins – i could have written what you said about him, exactly my experience. Thank you, i will keep going back to this list.


  2. Hi Meg, well you can’t please everyone. It is the fibre glass legs of a sculpture lying on the grass in a sculptor friend’s of mine garden, next to one of his kids’ bikes.


  3. Jeepers creepers… I just sourced some of the above and will now have to add the remainder to my list! Thanks… my credit card says otherwise!


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