The class of my dreams

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The Class

to the Class of 2014

after Raymond Carver


The class with beautiful scarves

The class who learned ukulele

The class in love with their stationery

The class sipping free coffee from Waitrose

The class who went on a Bear Hunt

The class who got flooded

The class of the working wall

The class who posted on the Hive

The class who stayed up all night

Class of my nervousness

The class I taught phonics and riddles

The class who bonded in Study Groups

The class who texted me

The class who wore Christmas jumpers

The class who dressed up as fairies

The class who practised their singing

The class who vanished to the pub

The class who knew best

The class with iPads

Hardcore class

The class who asked if it was optional

The class when no one else was there

The class who said ‘I’m waiting…’

The class who scoffed all the chocolates

The class who conquered Tower Hamlets

The class who got lost in Rome

The class who shuffled out slowly

The class who danced on the grass

The class who wanted it badly

The class who discovered their calling

The class no government can squash

Brilliant class

The class who gave everything

The class who tasted perfection

The class who left

The class of my dreams

This class


On saying goodbye to Primary PGCE Students


  1. Raymond Carver would love this…and so do I as will anyone who loves teaching students of any age. Beautiful, Anthony. Like Caroline, I cried.


  2. Lovely Andrew!
    I love line this particularly
    …The class no government can squash..

    Oh, how I wish, as teachers, they had known the 1980’s!
    If they could only see or imagine their dancing
    In thirty years time,
    This class.
    Who will have given everything
    And received little thanks
    From a Government who tried to
    Squash them
    For their sacrifices.


    1. Meant to say Anthony!
      Just been reading R Andrews Poetry problem stuff.
      Sorry! 32 years of teaching will do that to you!


    2. Students are so full of hope and so much better informed than I was. They have to be better now. Anthony! (Sorry for name error-end of year aberration)


  3. This is lovely! The Christmas jumpers line made me laugh out loud. Thank you for this tribute to students, and for asking us as teachers to reflect on what gives us joy, what brings on anxiety when we step in front of a class.


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