Guest blog post: On moving on, by Dean Parkin

I have been sorting. I have been chucking. It’s been the recurring theme over the last eighteen months. I cleared … More

Adélia Prado’s tone

She started as a name. There I was, following my nose, minding my own business, trying to ignore all instincts … More

Aldeburgh Poetry Festival Blog Posts

Below is a collection of my blog posts for the 2014 Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. I will update it as I … More

Coming home to Aldeburgh

  A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. Robert Frost … More

Lifesaving Poems: Piotr Sommer’s ‘Morning on Earth’

Morning on Earth Morning on earth, light snow, and just when it was so warm, practically spring. But the thermometer … More

Lifesaving Poems: Esther Morgan’s ‘Avocados’

I heard Michael Symmons Roberts give a magisterial reading from his book Drysalter recently. It was exemplary on so many levels, not … More