Naomi and Michael

Below is a collection of my blog posts for the 2014 Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. I will update it as I write each post.

If you are going to be at the festival, do come and say hello!

1. Coming home to Aldeburgh

2. Beverly Rycroft’s missing

3. Adélia Prado’s tone

4. Thomas Lux’s syntax

5. Poetry and illness

6. Ellen Doré Watson’s ‘Be Here First’

7. Allan Ahlberg’s genius

8. Aldeburgh and silence

9. The Fenton Aldeburgh First Collection Prize 2014

10. Introducing Chrissy Williams

11. The soldier, the cauliflower, the walking, the monkey and the man’s bottom

12. An interview with Adélia Prado

13. Prizewinning young poets from Suffolk

14. Poetry and disobedience

15. Poetry and tennis

16. Mostly all the time nearly everything

17. On generosity

18. Why we need Aldeburgh


The 2014 Aldeburgh Poetry Festival Blog