A week off (LentBlog18)

I’m hoping that by the end of the week we may be nearer to a political solution to the national crisis that is Brexit. I am also hoping that by the time Sunday evening comes around, I will not have paid attention to it via the media, social or otherwise.

Having come off Facebook and Instagram, I have nevertheless spent the last two weeks glued to my phone via the Brexitcast podcast and online pages of The Guardian. I am not just well informed, I am super-informed.

But I am exhausted, too. And not just because of Saturday’s dawn-start to get to London for the People’s Vote March.

One of the best things about the march was how alive and in the moment it made me feel. Even had I wanted to live-tweet images of my progress, the lack of usable 4G in central London ensured that our snail’s pace steps were accompanied by some very analogue ways of being: saying hello to people; maintaining eye contact; conversation; looking around in wonder.

So this week, as the first real spring sunshine hits my tired face and body, I am going to eschew updating myself with hourly updates of Theresa May’s latest catastrophe/blunder/humiliation/deception. I have no doubt that it will be the ‘monumental’ week the press have predicted it to be. For once, however, it will have to go on without my jaded gaze.

I want and need to pay attention to other things. Poems, perhaps. Or even the returning of the light. The robin outside my window. That would be a start.


  1. It’s 4am and I’ve been awake a while, scared at the non-decisions I heard about yesterday. Firstly that the Prime Minister has dismissed the Revoke Article 50 petition and the slowed pace of its terrific growth after that comment. Scared that the huge and overwhelming Take It To The People march in London which was like a Spring tide of hope will be dismissed and given no importance. Scared that people making their voices heard and their presence felt have absolutely no significance to the government and politicians. I’m scared this week. I’m scared about the dishonesty. I’m scared about factions and individuals in the parties working for their own ends. Who and do they actuly care about? Who can be trusted? It seems to me that the people are insignificant.

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  2. I completely understand. I’ve felt the need to take a step back as well. Wish I could do likewise from my personal life, which seems to be going through equally grotesque and painful twists.

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  3. Apologies for another comment. It seems that there are millions of reasonable people, trying to use logic and common sense, simply trying to be reasonable day by day, hour by hour and the government is taking advantage of the people’ s
    good natures and wish to be trusting. Doesn’t feel right to be leaving it to the government. Still scared!


  4. Perfect. Just perfect. Yes, while the “turning and turning” continues in the goldfish bowl of Westminter to turn towards light and sun instead sounds
    superb. And to be on The March sounded brilliant.
    Lizzie Fincham

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  5. Enjoy your week “off”. Agreed that there is so much positive and truly human stuff that gets overshadowed by all the negative soundbites. Yes, there’s a lot of crazy crap going on, but you must persevere and have hope. Poetry seems like the best antidote to the current state of the world.

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  6. I can relate to the feeling of being super-informed. I live in the US, so the political situation is different but also horrible. I am starting to feel toxic from so much ingestion of the news. I, too, need to step away for awhile.

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