The Power and Potential of Poetry


  1. jersheharvey

    Thanks. Sadly I want to read it but can’t open Notepad with my Windows 7 programme. Any chance of it being put into RTF or something more general? Apologies for giving you extra work, Anthony. Best wishes, Jeremy


  2. Neil

    Sadly, without the notes, we will never know about your perspective on the power and potential of poetry. I recognised a few of those poems having used them myself in the classroom – I thought Kit Wright’s “The Magic Box” was conspicuous by its absence but maybe it has been soup of the day too many times already.


  3. Anne East

    I see a black and white wickerwork background on which I can glimpse some words. (Poems?) Sadly not legible, I’m afraid. Would love to read the content. I’m accessing this on an iPad, perhaps that’s the problem?


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