No One You Know -a new anthology with Unbound

With my friend and colleague Sue Dymoke I am delighted to announce the launch of No One You Know a new project with Unbound.

75 great poems you never knew existed

The idea stems from the countless conversations we have had with other poets, which in our experience are much more about reading than they are about writing.

Best of all in these conversations is when one’s friend introduces a name that is new, undiscovered or unheard of. Thanks to the internet all of us are now expert-curators of the lost and unfamiliar.

But we believe there are essential and vital voices out there that even Google has not heard of.

That is what No One You Know is about.

We have eavesdropped on conversations between seventy-five leading British and Irish poets and their favourite undiscovered poets and poems, and brought them into the open.

We have invited each poet to discuss a never-before-anthologised poem that they passionately believe deserves a wider audience.


Raymond Antrobus, Jo Bell, Andy Brown, Nancy Campbell​, Peter Carpenter, Kate Clanchy, Mandy Coe, Andy Croft, Maura Dooley, Sasha Dugdale, Rich Goodson, ​Rebecca Goss, Philip Gross, W.N. Herbert, ​​Naomi Jaffa, Rupert Loydell, Ian McMillan, John Mole, Helena Nelson​, ​Michael Rosen​, Jean Sprackland, ​Martin Stannard​, ​Joelle Taylor, Rory Waterman​, ​Gregory Woods​ and Cliff Yates.

Please show your support for this project

by heading over to Unbound, pledging your support and sharing this page. We need you to make this exciting book happen!


  1. Hello Anthony, It sounds great as an anthology. Some obvious questions: how much will a hardback copy cost? And will Jo public be able to ask for it as a Christmas present? Or is it going to be an exclusive publication, something I am having reservations about? Best wishes, Jeremy Harvey


    1. Hi Jeremy, Joe Public as you put it can buy a copy now – or wait till we get all the pledges in –
      but in any case it won’t come out till 2019/20. This is only the start of the process. You make it more likely to happen by pledging your support now (and getting your name in the book), ahead of the rest of Joe Public who will be able to buy ordinary copies on release. Do take a look at their crowdfunding model on their site. With warmest wishes as ever, and hope you can support us, Anthony


  2. Happy to support this – great idea! there are so many wonderful writers out there, many who rarely get a look in these days…really looking forward to reading the choices and I do hope your funding meets its target.

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