The power of poetry (free download) #NATEconf


  1. currankentucky

    While at school I learned Kavanagh, Keats, Yeats, Plath, poems line by line. The aim of each class was to listen to the teacher read, take her ideas of the poem word for word, underline the lines she told us to note, learn them. Recite them. Move on. I think it was such a pity we didn’t approach poetry differently and it’s refreshing to know there are educators like you, doing so now. Poetry matters, words matter, communication matters. Poetry is communication.


  2. Rupert

    Interesting talk Ant, and certainly the kind of process i try to use with degree students too. Of course the crunch comes when it is necessary for students/children to show they have taken something on board and can now apply it for themselves…


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