UCU Strike: reflections and resources

A pine tree growing out of a clump of rocks, decorated with a hundereds of tiny tassels in the colours of the rainbow

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and liked or commented on yesterday’s blog post about the UCU strike action over pay, pensions, and working conditions.

In case the news of this dispute is new to you, here are a collection of blog posts I put together during the last two periods of strike action that I was able to participate in.

If you work in higher education or are a member of UCU, please feel free to share them as widely as possible.

You can read more about the reasons why so many people like me are choosing to strike here.

UCU Strike notebook (from 2018)

UCU Strike notebook 2 (from 2018)

UCU Strike blogs and resources (from 2018)

Some things I learned during the strike (from 2018)

On not striking, Ofsted and British values (from 2019)

At the teach out (from 2019)

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