Some rainbows

It wasn’t all rain. There were rainbows

among which

Shawna has blogged about fountain pens again. Honestly, she could do this every week and it wouldn’t be too often

and Rachel has blogged about Anger. Oh my gosh

and Peter sent me a link to The Heavy Air by Anne Boyer. Oh. My. Gosh

and Shawna said something ages ago about Anne Boyer which made me browse a bit and here is her (ohmygosh) thing about cancer

and Luke is podcasting about community organising in the US

and Mary Ellen posted here (Thank you Mary Ellen!) a link to an On Being episode about depression

and Naz recommended Funny Weather by Olivia Laing and -wellyouknowwhattodo

and I finished rerereading Swimming Home by Deborah Levy and then the sun came out and everything was rainbow


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