Another good week

Fourth Sunday in Advent

This was another good week.

Because it had rest in it.

Because I re-read Anne Lamott’s Plan-B. Sometimes you need a comfort read that unsettles you with its hope.

Because Millie might just be learning to come back when she has been off the lead.

Because of The Queen’s Gambit.

Diamine Onyx Black.

Because of Luke’s piece on democracy.

I finally discovered Prose Poetry UK (how has it taken me so long?).

Lawrence launched his new book online.

‘I have no talent. I’m not talking about the literary marketplace: I mean how I see myself. I write poems for myself, like these notebooks, to think things through, that’s all.’ Anna Kamienska, A Nest of Quiet.

And there is always time for another playlist:


  1. Ahh, The Queen’s Gambit.
    I was hooked on that, too. Just could not watch that penultimate episode. How do you read Chloe?
    In case you have not got that far… schtum.

    Best wishes to yourself, and all.
    Even more extra care, now.
    It’ll be worth it.

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