You’ve got to write it all down

The unexamined life’s no different from
                                                                          the examined life—
Unanswerable questions, small talk,
Unprovable theorems, long-abandoned arguments—
You’ve got to write it all down.
Landscape or waterscape, light-length on evergreen, dark sidebar   
Of evening,
                       you’ve got to write it down.
Memory’s handkerchief, death’s dream and automobile,
God’s sleep,
                       you’ve still got to write it down,
Moon half-empty, moon half-full,
Night starless and egoless, night blood-black and prayer-black,   
Spider at work between the hedges,
Last bird call,
                           toad in a damp place, tree frog in a dry …

from Black Zodiac, by Charles Wright

A pause for thought, or not even thought, this week. Not even reflection. Not even crying -though that would be good. A pause for space. For doodling on it, staring into it. As a friend once said to me, a space, a moment, of ‘ungiving’. Which, apart from other things, will mean an absence from screens. So I am not going to say too much here, other than I am still struggling, and to cope with that I am going to have some time away for a while, not a massive while, I hope, but a long enough while for me to recuperate, recharge, maybe read a little, and definitely ‘write it all down’ somewhere. I will see you when I see you, when I have healed into time and other people. As ever with deep thanks for your support.



  1. I hope you have a fine journal to hand and a sharpened pencil at the ready so that when the time is right you can ‘ …….. write it down’.
    All best
    Julia K

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  2. Always appreciate your emails: choice of poetry, wonderings, stimulating insights … thank you. Be gentle with yourself for a while (well, always, but now particularly); rest, and put yourself into places and relationships and situations of healing.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem, Anthony, especially at in times like these. I think everyone is struggling and finding it hard to be hopeful. Wishing you well, and wishing you hope.


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