Those kind and wonderful people at Change This have just released a new batch of free, downloadable manifestos. These articles range in subject matter from resisting organisational sabotage, to making personal sacrifices, to something called ‘the future you’.

The article that practically jumped out and grabbed me by the neck is called Why Social Media Doesn’t Create Intelligence by Jeremie Kubicek. It’s as if they already knew what I’ve been saying recently.

Because they practise the art of generosity that they preach, you can download it on the link above, or, if you prefer to follow your nose to the myriad other articles they have published, you can find it at Change This here.

If you don’t believe me, there is actual science to back up what I am saying. Try this article, from earlier this year in the Observer. In case you are missing the point it’s called Why the Modern World is Bad For Your Brain.

Personally speaking, I realised I was in trouble because it took me an aeon to concentrate enough to finish it, partly because I was more keen on tweeting it than absorbing what it had to say.

I would say ‘I rest my case’. I’d love to know what you think.