A review of Lifesaving Poems


My deep thanks to Maria Taylor, who has written the most lovely appreciation of Lifesaving Poems. Thank you Maria for capturing its genesis, tone and ethos with such insight.

You can find her review on her excellent Commonplace blog here.


  1. She’s absolutely right. Two things especially: there’s an aphoristic ring to the idea that you can’t read a poem once. I had to go back and re-read that. The other thing is about teaching. Every time I read one of your choices I’m surprised by a name I don’t know or only vaguely know. Who else does that?The Sansoms. I’m trying to remember the American writer on the teaching of reading….one of the Real Books gurus. He had a mantra, anyway. I guess that’s de rigeur for a guru. “You learn from the company you keep”. Great company, Maria Taylor and Anthony Wilson.

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