John Foggin’s review of The Afterlife

John Foggin has been kind enough to review The Afterlife on his blog.

You can read the full review here.

I have moved some of his text around, but here is a snapshot of his elegant and kind analysis of my work:

The Afterlife was published in 2019, and it’s been overlooked. Believing you are going to die and coming to terms of a sort with that, and then learning that you are going to live, and coming to terms with that, is going to make anyone into a dark watcher. [The poems] have a quality for me that chimes with the Serenity Prayer… the way we achieve acceptance of the things we cannot change in order the better to live with them. It’s not easy or comfortable. Anthony’s poems can seem plain and understated, which means that you can be ambushed by the moments that draw you in, the moments that mark language as ‘poetry’.

With thanks to John Foggin and Peter Carpenter.

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