Advent poems

During December 2019 I blogged a series of poems to celebrate the season of Advent.

Some of these were about the nativity story, but most were only tangentially related.

There are a range of poets represented, from household names like Wisława Szymborska, Lucille Clifton and Maya Angelou to perhaps less well known poets like Joseph Ceravolo.

You can now find the whole series here.


  1. Anthony, this post is such a beautiful gift. Thank you. I especially connected with the Borges poem and with your own, “Mary.” Beautiful work. Have a lovely holiday.
    Molly in Oregon

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  2. Great post. Here’s one for the post-Advent list from Tina Parker.

    RAISING JESUS by Tina Parker
    did you pin his arms
    and hold him down
    Mary did you smack
    his legs did he ever
    make you cry Mary
    did you take a deep breath
    count to ten Mary
    I bet you just held
    ‘it in didn’t you Mary
    did you hear him say mama
    again and cringe and sigh
    were you relieved when
    it was a temple day Mary
    did you dream those dreams
    Mary where you see him
    hurt or worse
    did you wake in prayer
    Mary did you ask God
    to let you die first

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