Summer reading

To continue this season of not, where I have been reposting old blog posts and links to some others, I present below two free downloads which are buried on this site and which you might have missed.

The first is to my pamphlet of poems The Year of Drinking Water, which I published in 2007 with Exeter Leukaemia Fund, on reaching one year of remission from cancer, and which is now out of print.

Click on the link here and scroll down to the penultimate paragraph of the post to find the link to the poems.

The second is a snapshot collection of blog posts from my series of dialogues with The Book. You can read every blog post in the series here, but if you want to download a free pdf version of the first part of the series, you can find it here.

With continued thanks for your support and good wishes for health and safety to all of you, wherever you are,



  1. I read the poems in The Year of Drinking Water immediately, one after the other. Your heightened awareness, your observations, and most of all your aloneness, in the midst of the experience of illness, smote me. Thank you for sharing from within this time of great vulnerability in your life.

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