Advent poems 20: Humankind, by Kerry Hardie


We carry the trust.
It was not imposed on us,
nor are we heedless.

Sometimes the stillness stands in the woods
and lies on the lake. We move like drowned beings
through clouded waters.

Sometimes we wake to spent leaves
blowing about in the yard. A door bangs.
A woman – vigorous – shakes a rug into the wind.

The red dog shudders and rises and listens.
Uncertain light shines the grasses.
Wealth sits in inner rooms, staring.

These are our days.
Walk them.
Fear nothing.

Kerry Hardie


  1. Thanks for this. I like the last three lines especially. I am trying to live in the present moment, leaving all the bad stuff etc to unfold and taking a step or corner at a time. best wishes, Jeremy


  2. I find this one of the most beautiful and powerful poems I know. There is a small typo in this version though, it should be “Uncertain light shines the grasses” without the ‘in’ inbetween. Sorry for nitpicking and thank you for putting this up anyway.

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