Aldeburgh Poetry Festival blog posts page

In 2014 I was invited by the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival to be their guest blogger.

I have added the blog posts I wrote there and added them to my Archive page.

Bar a couple of formatting issues I have left them pretty much as I wrote them. They are very far away from me now, not least because since then I feel as though I am living in a different country. But for better or worse, they do capture the extraordinary headiness of attending at one of the great (and lost) jewels of arts culture in the UK.

You might be interested to know that some of these pieces have made their way into my forthcoming book of enthusiasms and influences, Deck Shoes.

You can find the pieces here.


  1. Dear Anthony

    Just a quick note to thank you once again for the attentive, deeply sensitive and insightful you wrote of missing in 2014. I have just re-read the review, and am moved yet again by your ability to see both the poet, the poetry and the word of cancer.

    It’s good to see your smiling face on your blog, to read of you continuing to continue.

    Aldeburgh was a blast. Thanks for reminding me of that happy time.

    With love and best wishes



    1. Hi Bev
      So good to hear from you! I remember that time very fondly as well. It does seem light years ago, though, not least because we have lost Lux since then. And Hoagland. With very best to you and all of yours as ever, Anthony x


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