Reasons why I am happy to be in the city at the end of December

(After Andy Brown)

Because my children are briefly sleeping under the same roof

Becuase Col and Lucy and M and T are coming on New Year’s Eve

Because the sun is finally shining

Because these quiet days after Christmas

Because Palace are playing Chelsea on the weekend and Merenna is taking me

Because I have an undiscovered Joni Mitchell CD to listen to

Because I have been given a new notebook

Because Hussein kept the home fires burning

Because a friend has texted offering to collaborate

Because books are in the pipeline and no one has said anything about them yet

Because the evenings are already a shade lighter


Because everything seems possible

Because suddenly it is clear to me what I must do


  1. That’s a lovely list for the end of the year. I was wondering what to write on the first page of my new notebook. I usually put someone elses poem there, but I think I’ll have a go at a similar list. Thank you for the post! Happy New Year!

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  2. The Gift

    When I place my hands into your knitted Corriedale mittens

    I feel the ceremony of life playing out in the falling snow.

    I feel your hands holding mine. May we always travel

    Together to windy places where treetops waltz

    Across the sky. You keep me warm as I

    Breathe in the consecrated air on this

    Worthwhile journey through a

    Spruce-scented land. When

    I feel your hands touching

    Mine, I know we share

    One beating heart.


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