#NaBloPoMo 14 – Some secrets


One of the signs of my anxiety is when I start to look obsessively at stationery blogs.

I adore NCIS.

The poem I wish I had written? Heard it in the Playground, by Allan Ahlberg.

I have four tattoos.

Thick novels frighten me.

I don’t think Leonard Cohen’s version of Hallelujah is that great.

In another life I would have liked to have been a drummer. Or a poet.

My grandfather was offered terms by Spurs, but turned it down because he couldn’t raise a family on footballer’s wages.

I admire the Queen.

I gave up reading certain poetry magazines to protect my mental health.

I am afraid of car accidents.

I don’t understand the American political system.

I am the son of a migrant.

The wife of a famous poet once said to me that I had a terrible name for a poet.

I collect fountain pens.

Athletics makes me cry.

I needed four goes to get Maths O level.

I still don’t understand reverse swing.

I never watch Children in Need.

I wish I had been better at History.

I want to like certain poets’ work more than I do.

Sometimes I want to be in a band again.

It took me a long time to fall in love with my name.


    1. Thank you so much Jan.
      I have one reading left this year, next week, in Exeter -in the Events tab on this blog.
      But you can also hear some recordings on the Listen tab at the top of this page.
      With good wishes as ever


  1. I always read your blog – mostly first thing in the morning, 7 a.m. It sets me up for the day, even prompts some writing of my own. Fellow feeling sometimes, mostly learning new stuff, expanding my narrow horizons although that list of American blogs was as frightening as a thick novel. And this morning your first secret reminded me of my depression-busting enjoyment of stationery which I’ve always considered odd. But second secret – ‘I adore NCIS’ – that’s my secret! I don’t tell people that. I didn’t know anybody who likes that . I’m sure it has a therapeutic effect on me but I don’t know why or how and wouldn’t want to explain it to anyone. Well! that has occupied my mind for an hour now, time to open the curtains and let the world in. At least it isn’t snowing. Semper fi. 😉

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  2. Hi Anthony, I’m enjoying reading your #NaBloPoMo posts.
    I’m right with you on long novels 🙂 I’m a slow reader because I subvocalise everything; thank goodness i discovered poetry.

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  3. I’m so enjoying your blogs. Some reading is late-night reading. Some is for the middle of the day; the middle of the night. First thing in the morning is my best time for these. Thankyou.

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  4. “I needed four goes to get Maths O level”
    I needed almost as many. The third time I had FIVE marks to spare. Triumph. But why was it so difficult? I still don’t understand, but tend to blame the teaching. I still get qualms about having to tip/give change/anything to do with calculations, and am generally ashamed of my lack of numeracy.

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