The only real difference
between people
is not health or illness
but the way each holds
onto a sense of value
in life.

When I feel I have no time
to walk out and watch
the sunlight
on the river,
my recovery has gone too far.

A little fear is all right.

It is all right
to know
that in a month
I could be lying
in a hospital bed asking myself
how I spent today.

Holding onto that question −
how did you spend today? −
reminds me to feel
and see and hear.

It is too easy
to become distracted.
When the ordinary becomes

I have to remember those times
when the ordinary
was forbidden
to me.

When I was ill,
all I wanted
was to get back
into the ordinary
flux of activity.

Now that I am back
in the ordinary,
I have to retain
a sense of

at being here.

Arthur Frank, from At the Will of the Body, p.134

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