The Four of Us (a new poem)


I am delighted to have The Four of Us, a new poem, in London Grip New Poetry, which you can find here.

With thanks to the editors and Michael Bartholomew-Biggs.

You can read more new poems of mine here



  1. My gosh, I love this poem. And I particularly love the “unresolved dominant” of the last three and a half lines. I was already expecting something else. A wonderful, musical surprise here.

    Thank you.


  2. Reblogged this on First Words Last Words and commented:
    Lovely layering of images – time and perspective shifts – the clever positioning of the reader as the camera and all the ‘back stories’ hinted – and all the future unknowns waiting… So enjoyed this poem. Thanks Anthony for sharing the London Grip magazine too.


      1. Hi Anthony – did you get the copy of Weaving Words I posted to you last year? Hoping you did as I cited your work and the book is being read and shared – hope it arrived safely. Best wishes, Janice


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