Don’t forget, this is inside us every day

-Stephen Berg

This is not happening. It happened. Past tense.

One day, every day, eight years, a minute ago.

When they told me, they said, they are saying.

Mr Wilson. Anthony. (Tony). Darling. My lover.

It looks like. If you could. You have great veins.

Here is a gown. Here is a bag. Here are your pills.

Yes, you will. Yes, you will. It will, yes. All of it.

We don’t know. (We will never know). We don’t know.

No. Because. Maybe your genes. More likely your.

It’s best if you. If you can. We advise it. Everyone.

One day, that day, this, after another, today, May.

I am not angry, was not, shall not be. But I am angry.

Today, when they said ‘Actually…’ A minute ago.

With perhaps and maybe. Not No. We love Yes.

Yesterday. When it happened. (Present tense). Now then.

It left, it is leaving, it never. I am still waving goodbye.