Advent poem 4: Herod

2013-11-12 10.49.39





With Wikileaks in the headlines

you could say

the timing was perfect.


Three Iraqi profs in clown-suits

claimed they had intel

on a need-to-know-basis.


No one used the word coup

but it was clear what they meant.


Said they’d scoured satellites

to find me. Someone’s head

will roll for that, I laughed.

Not even a flicker.


I cut them a deal:

new Jeeps, immunity,

a map of the minefields

in return for his name.


We shook, nothing in writing,

everything clean.


How they twigged I honestly

can’t say. They didn’t look

like hackers, then who does?


Special forces, probably.

They were good, not a trace.


If they ever do go public

I will be waiting.


One thing I’ve learned,

if you can’t give the order

it’s time to get out.


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