‘More Chelsea Than Sunderland’ was prompted by the remark of a doctor of a friend of mine, when asked to comment on his chances of survival from cancer.

It was a serendipitous moment which I must have tucked away for future use, coming upon it in a notebook once my treatment was completed. By then Chelsea had lifted the Premiership title and England had gone out of the World Cup. It seemed interesting to me to link two facets of life, the impact of which were unpredictable and capricious, and yet, like a goal once scored, apparently inevitable.

More Chelsea Than Sunderland

for Humphrey Potts


Your doctor’s line predicting

your survival

tickled me


watching Terry lift the trophy

before the World Cup



inevitable as May following April

thinking I should be happy



that champagne moment

from Riddance (Worple Press, 2012)