In Praise of PGCE Students

PGCE students are so dedicated. They burn with desire to be amazing. They hand in their work and have beautifully organised files. They collaborate with each other in study groups. They ask each other how they are. They have fabulous stationery.

They make lists, learn the guitar, sip coffee. All of them have scarves.

Some of them care so much it hurts. They want everything they do to be perfect. Sometimes, I tell them, good enough is good enough, that perfect first time is rare. They look at me aghast and go home to feed on soup and study materials.

Some of them live alone and some in community with others -they even have families. It is a miracle, all of this.

Each seems to carry within them a space of determination, iron and wilful, that no government can shake and no assignment feedback can quash. I watch them and believe all will be well.

I know this because I see it in the ache of their greetings, their morning eyes thick with sleep and shining.

Artwork by Kate Hingston

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