Love Listen -A new poem by Ann Gray

Love Listen

Let’s love, listen, take time
when time is all we have.
Let’s be unafraid to be kind,
learn to disregard the bad
if the good outweighs it daily.
Let’s make a gift of silence,
the day’s hushing into dark,
and when we hold each other
let’s always be astonished
we are where we want to be.
Let’s hope to age together,
but if we can’t, let’s promise now
to remember how we shone
when we were at our best,
when we were most ourselves.

Ann Gray

from The Guardian


  1. gail cooper

    I want Ann to know how much I treasure this poem (“Love Listen”) – I read it most days when I reflect on my marriage to John (25.6.2011) and it conjures up warm and happy memories, even though John’s illness casts a cloud on things. I keep the poem in a handy spot and share it with others. Thank you. Gail


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  4. Sean Carpendale

    Ann Gray is a Star.I look up at the sky while memorizing one of her poems and even in daylight hours I can see her shining the poetry is so human. I would love to get her book of poems At The Gate.


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