Climate Sorrow: A found poem, by Susie Orbach

Climate Sorrow

To come
into knowing
is to come
into sorrow.

A sorrow
that arrives
as a thud,

and fearful.
is hard
to bear.

With sorrow
comes grief
and loss.
Not easy feelings.

Nor is guilt,
nor fury,
nor despair.
Climate sorrow

opens up
into wretched
states of mind
and heart.

We can find it
It is hard,
very hard,

to stay with.

Susie Orbach, from This Is Not A Drill, by Extinction Rebellion (pp.66-7)

Sculpture by Rogerio Timoteo

Some found poems

First published October 10, 2019.

With thanks to Susie Orbach.


  1. Anthony, thank you. This poem sums up what so many of us are feeling as we begin to leave the pandemic and have time now to fully recognize the measure of the losses over the last year…To me it feels a little like the end of a long war…celebration mixed with memories of people and places, of ways of being, gone forever…Sorrow is a beautiful and tragic word. She uses it so well.
    Molly in Oregon


  2. To come into knowing … we need everybody to come into knowing about what is happening to the planet and try to do what they can (not doing being the doing that is needed sometimes – if that makes sense!) … and to be willing to feel that sorrow the comes with the acknowledgement of the crisis. I came across the word keening recently – and feel l need a space somewhere that I can meet with others (I will arrive on foot) to do keening for the planet. Thank you for posting found poem Anthony.

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