Remember when you got the news of the accident-
or the illness- in the life of someone
more laced into your life than you might have thought;
the cool flash of what serious is. Well,
the missing poem brings that.

Mark Halliday, from ‘The Missing Poem’

         there I was doing nothing                  the cool flash

perhaps reading             or just sitting on my own in the house                 doing nothing

of what serious

is                                       (i can’t go into details]

but we have had this before

too many times to count             really

just when you think it’s ok,             and all clear

someone woven into your life without             you really knowing them

of what serious is
the cool flash
of what serious
                        cool flash                                      flash

And I thought when I embarked on this time of not buying things and concentrating on things and really noting and
My surroundings
And the music that I already possess


it would be easy
like falling into a warm bath
not equally
open to suffering

The Cool Flash Of What Serious IS -is happening right now in my life and I wish it wasn’t, this ‘exquisite tenderness’ to experience, please take it away, I’d rather watch TV, but some how

that isn’t an option                                      not what I signed up for

at all